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The Art of Connection

abc4 Utah and I partnered to create a web series all about building connection so that you can live the most fulfilled life you can possibly imagine.

If you want to be more connected with yourself, your partner or your community, this show is for you.

Here is the full first season of The Art of Connection!


We can pretty much guarantee two things in this life: that one day we'll die and in our lives, we'll go through a lot of change. Change is universal and with change breeds the discomfort we get from leaving what we know behind on our way to the unknown (whether that's a change in career or grieving the loss of a loved one). Here is a link to the TED talk and Soul Sessions talk I mention in the episode! 

The belief system that you've been running around with (and we all have one) is running your life. It's telling you anything from whether or not to get angry at the car who cut you off to how you feel about what food is in your diet to how and why and when to get angry at your partner, friend, dad, etc. In this episode we explore how to change your belief patterns.

This interview hit my core in a way that very few conversations have. Until today, the only people who've known that was previously in a relationship where there was loads of manipulation, were my friends and family. One of the biggest takeaways from this interview is that manipulation can happen to anyone (and I'm not absolved from this). To find out more about Dr Julie Hanks, head here.

You're asking yourself the wrong question and it's the most important question you'll ask in your life. Check out the Mark Manson article I reference here.

I turn 30 this weekend (where has all the time gone?!) so in this week's episode I'll share the top five tools and lessons learned from my 20's that I'm taking with me into my 30's. But don't worry, this isn't just for people in their 20's, this is a manifesto for all ages.

Chris Jones is someone who you'd like at and think had it all. By his presence, you would never guess he's suffered some of the most unimaginable grief anyone could think of -- the death of a child. Since losing his son Mitchell in 2013, Chris has helped hundreds of thousands of people with the grieving process through his platform, Mitchell's Journey. Today we talk about how to heal after unimaginable grief.

This week's episode is all about what to do when life hits you upside the head with something totally unexpected.

LCSW, CST Kristin Hodson talks about how to take your sex life from good to great. From talking about what we want and don't want to addressing fear. To find out more about Kristin's work, go here.

In this week's episode of The Art of Connection we explore simple and actionable steps you can start using today to start manifesting whatever it is you want in your life. Watch last week's episode on abundance here. If you want some exercises in forgiveness, here you go! 

This week's episode is all about creating abundance (even when you don't feel like there is anything in your life to feel "abundant" about). I take wisdom from spiritual guru and best-selling author, Gabby Bernstein who I've been feeling super inspired by lately and distill it into super simple and actionable takeaways for you. Here is the forgiveness meditation led by yours truly <3. 

In this week's episode you'll learn about some unexpected scientific benefits of meditation, plus you can sign up for my FREE 30 Day Meditation Challenge starting April 1st!

Side Note: I'm pretty sure I pronounce the world "telomere" wrong through the whole episode, haha 

In today's episode I interview Motivational Speaker, Lance Allred who talks about some key misconceptions about communication. 

We all know the statistic that around 50% of marriages end in divorce. But one less known statistic is that half of all marriages that will end, end before the 8th year of marriage, with the peak of those divorces happening around year four, which is why I'm so excited for this interview with LMFT, Laura Heck. Want more? Here is the hour long interview we did on the 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work!

Culturally, we love love.... and even more than love, we love marriage and the myth of "happily ever after". What you might not know is that out of the 50% of marriages that last, only 3 out of 10 couples say they're happily married. Here is the article if you want more! 

Episode 24 is called the art of forgiveness because it is an ART... it's a process and it is a skill so I wanted to give some tools for your arsenal in the case that forgiveness happens to be tricky for you, too. To read the full Wayne Dyer article I talk about in the video, click here. If you want to dive deeper, here is an interview I did with rockstar yogini, Huffington Post contributor and LCSW Shakti Sutriasa.

Our attachment style not only determines how we choose our partners, our needs and how we get them met, it also determines how we fight, how we progress in relationships, and how we break up. These attachment styles determine our strengths and vulnerabilities and shine a light on the areas where we've got some work to do. Here is an interview I did with Dr Lisa Diamond that goes in depth into each attachment style. If you don't know what your attachment style is yet, take this quiz! 

Breaking up is a significantly daunting idea. Whether you're the person who is getting broken up with or the person doing the breaking up... either way you cut it, breakups suck. A lot of times, you know it's the right thing to do to breakup, but in other instances the decision of whether or not to break up actually isn't obvious at all.

It's still the beginning of a New Year and we're all pumped about shiny new resolutions and goals... but what stops us from falling back into our old patterns? In this week's episode I talk about how my favorite goal-setting mechanism called "The Slight Edge".

I know we think about listening to our feelings as a good thing, but the problem with letting our feelings dictate our actions is that our feelings are based off of our pasts. In this week's episode I talk about how this can hold you back from a hugely powerful a future. Episode 1 link (mentioned in video)

Mark Manson has like a bazillion subscribers and he decided to put a call out to his whole email list asking the people who had been married 10 or more years or who had been married and divorced, what their advice was on having a happy marriage. Here's what he found out. 

Why, with the divorce rate so high and plenty of unhappy marriages, do we still get married? And on that note, why aren't we talking publicly about fears and concerns about long term commitment? I know we have them because when I started talking about mine, people started opening up about theirs.
When we get in a fight, we usually think we're mad about what we're complaining about... right? I mean it only makes sense. Not so fast, amigos! When we're mad about something topical like our partner coming home late or our friend not inviting us to a party, we usually argue about our topical complaints.
How often have you heard the sayings "women are crazy" or "men are shut down"? In my opinion, it happens all too often (and most of us are guilty of saying these things ourselves, too). There is a danger by doing this that isn't totally obvious, but is doing major damage to our relationships and inhibiting us from true connection.

I recently gave a TEDx talk about connection and loneliness. During the first month of the video being live on youtube I was heavily involved with the comment section and kept seeing the same complaint over and over again. This video addresses the main complaint about loneliness.

It's easy to feel like relationship issues are too overwhelming to have time to solve (I mean really, I barely have time to shower let alone time to connect with my partner). But what if some issues could be resolved in just 9 minutes?

In episode 11, I talk about post-big-life-event depression. After speaking at TEDx I fell into a pretty dark hole. It wasn't expected and I felt really ashamed. As it turns out, it's not as uncommon as I thought. In this episode I'll talk about how common it is and what to do about it. 

ps - sorry about the video quality! The uploading server crashed and this episode and next week's episode video quality was impacted (eek!). I promise it will get back to normal, though! Thanks for your patience :).

In episode 10, (the follow up episode to episode 9) you'll learn how to disappear shame. It's one thing to feel shame and let it get the best of you, it's another to know what to do when a "shame attack" starts to rear its ugly head. Episode 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4xsqXRitW0
Shame is a universal feeling, but the reason why each gender feels shame is completely different. In episode 9, I talk about Brene Brown's research, how different genders are impacted by shame and what you can do about it.
Dating can be hard, but navigating the dating world without tools is almost impossible. In this episode Baya explores a dating tool that can be counter intuitive, but ultimately land you in a thriving relationship.

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