Designing a transformational experience is like creating a character in an award-worthy movie.


I design experiences as if they are a character... because they are.

What would she be like when you first met her? 

How would she shift once she started to warm up?

When you got comfortable with each other, what would your dynamic be? 

How about when your time with her was coming to a close? What’s the feeling you have once you leave her? 

Successful events all have a common theme: they have a story arc, just like movies. 


The devil is in the detail and the detail is what people remember.



As the founder of Secret SLC and Secret Circles, two experiential events companies; creating unforgettable experiences is my specialty.

People remember how you made them feel.

To me, this thought-process is the difference between throwing an event and creating an experience that makes an extraordinary impact on your guests.

This execution leaves your guests feeling changed, moved, and inspired… whether it’s a cocktail gathering, fundraiser, corporate event, birthday party, workshop or retreat.

When people leave feeling transformed, they will remember you forever.

“My friends and I said it was the most memorable event of our lives. It was like being in an art gallery that came to life around us, masterfully manifested in the decor, venue, performer personas, and perhaps most delightfully in the unexpected minutiae of it all.
— Dave Bateman - CEO, Entrata

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