From speaking to executives at Twitter, Google, Airbnb, WeWork, and YouTube, to having one of the top 0.001% most viewed TEDx talks of all time, to facilitating and speaking at retreats, workshops, and women’s conferences, to working with groups of 20 to thousands; my speciality is Human Connection and I thrive in bringing experiential components to your events so people walk out transformed.

               In this TEDx talk, Baya reveals a simple tool you can start using today to create more happiness, fulfillment, and connection.

Baya has a wonderful enthusiasm that is contagious. Because she’s unapologetically herself, she encourages all of us to let down our guards and do the same. This results in a fantastically open and raw environment where magic happens.
— Johanna Kirk, jeweler and founder of Pixel + Torch

                                                           Bold is the New Black: How to be The Most Influential Leader in the Room

Examples on some of the topics I love speaking on below:

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BOLD IS THE NEW BLACK: HOW TO BE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADER IN THE ROOM (WATCH THE VIDEO). This talk focuses on three simple and actionable steps that will leave you feeling powerful, bold and unapologetically you.


SEDUCTION 101 (WATCH THE VIDEO). Seduction 101 is a mix of the best girls night out of all time and an intimate conversation about the feminine. Learn to seduce your way from the boardroom to the bedroom!


HOW TO USE YOUR BODY LANGUAGE TO NEGOTIATE, SPOT LIES AND WIN ANYONE OVER. This hands-on workshop will give the guests game-changing body language skills and techniques that will support them in using their own body language and reading that of others.

Baya is so engaging. Her passion for helping people succeed in business and life is inspiring and supportive. She is a fantastic example of learning to live a bold, unapologetic life.
— Liz Stincelli, Founder of Stincelli Advisors

HOW WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. This talk focuses on women in leadership roles. The struggles, where we are today and how we can powerfully move forward.

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HOW TO FIND AND CREATE A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. Learn tools to create a thriving community around you; whether that's a group of friends or a community of co-workers. 



NO MORE MR NICE GUY: HOW TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER AS A MAN AND PARTNER. This talk goes over the false belief systems we've created around masculinity and how to step into your purpose, on purpose.  

Baya Voce sizzled as a speaker for the Over the Moon Ball. She sparked the feminine in all of us, inviting us to experience pleasure and joy in a way many hadn’t experienced before. Baya was the icing on a beautiful cake and comes highly recommended in any speaking capacity.
— Elle Griffin, founder and editor-in-chief of Over the Moon Magazine