I coach high-achieving men and women about how to achieve their personal and professional development goals. 

Baya you are amazing! A beautiful badass ninja warrior who put a fire under my “you know what”. Then, with the quick precision of a ninja warrior, broke down action steps and ideas for me to implement, get moving and accomplish what I wished to create. Within minutes a plan was in place. No messing around. Clear, exact, let’s get this done! I am grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to know you and to have worked with you.
— Laura, 33, Salt Lake City

"The mark of a good coach is establishing trust and then leveraging it to push the clients to heights they never saw for themselves. And this, in a nutshell, is what makes Baya such a guru."

-Rob, 31, Los Angeles

"I was absolutely blown away by Baya, who was able to envision the dreams that women had, immediately identify what their goals were and give strategic advice on what their next steps should be. She has a gift, truly, to be able to get right to the bones of a situation or person and see exactly what it is that is needed. Baya understands people -- including ourselves, perhaps better than we do."

- Lindsey, 30, Miami

Now that I have a lot of tools and ideas to go off of I am hundreds time more effective at reading signals, making the girl feel comfortable, excited, building attraction, and having fun.
— Jordan, 42, Salt Lake City

"With Baya's help, I was able to see my roadblocks and how to change the dialogue in my head. It was so easy to share my thoughts and emotions with her because she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Thank you Baya for your passion, support and for helping me discover my own potential!"

-Jen, 37, Salt Lake City

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