How to embrace change and impermanence (HTI: Yourself)

As you probably know by now, my fiance recently broke off our engagement and processing the breakup has been one of the greatest lessons tied in with some of the biggest grief I've ever felt. 

the breakup was unexpected and it knocked me on my ass, which I'm sure sounds familiar to you if you've ever experienced loss or grief of any sort. It's usually unexpected and more often than not you sort of get the shit kicked out of you when it happens. 

But here's the thing... when we get knocked down, we have two options: we can either be the victims of our circumstances (and I'm sure we can make a laundry list of reasons why), or we can choose to see the situation as an opportunity for growth - a chance to come out on the other side as a better version of ourselves. 

When I read this article it really hit home -- the ideas of impermanence and acceptance resonate with me so I thought they might resonate with you, too. 

I'm choosing to come out as a stronger, more wise, more capable human being because being the victim takes a lot of work and to be frank, it's just way more depressing. 

I hope you learn something from this article -- I know I did :).



The Five Principles of Manifesting Your Desires (HTI: Yourself)

Earlier this week I posted a quote on my instagram that said "what you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match every single time".

What this points to is something I teach and that I've heard from experts from all walks of life. It is our job to feel good first before we get the thing that we want. That is the basis of how manifestation works. Instead of ready, aim, fire. It's fire, ready, aim.

In this article, Gabby Bernstein, spiritual teacher, speaker and author, gives five steps to manifesting. Use this as your playbook and guide. Go back to it as often as you feel yourself being being incongruent with what you want and what you feel. 

Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 



How to Move from Scarcity to Abundance with These Simple Tools (HTI: Yourself)

Scarcity is a nasty habit, but for most of us it feel more natural than abundance. I'll admit scarcity comes much more easily for me than abundance does. And it's no surprise... when most of us grew up hearing "money doesn't grow on trees" or seeing other people's successes when we didn't feel like we had any, etc. I mean, there are a million reasons why we feel lack. 

Which is why when I came across this article on I could totally relate. In it, John C. Maxwell gives us super useful and effective tools to switch up our wiring because after all, that's all that it is. 

Create new habits. Implement new habits. Rewire. Boom. You're basically Buddha. 

How to Train Your Brain to go to Positive Instead of Negative (HTI Yourself)

I recently came across this Forbes article that I'm absolutely obsessed with and mainly because the action step is super simple.

Want to be more positive and less negative? The article says "negativity will engulf you unless you build yourself a positivity circuit. To do that, spend one minute looking for positives, three times a day for forty five days. This trains your brain to look for positives the way it is already trained to look for negatives."

Boom. Super simple and something we can all easily add into our calendars. 

Speaking of super simple... starting April 1st I'll be hosting a free 30 Day Meditation Challenge so that you can start implementing a simple and effective tool to re-organize your brain and switch up its patterns that are currently in a habit loop. If you're looking for more freedom, healing, abundance or an awesome tool to start manifesting the life you want, this is it.

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