Meditation Resource Guide

For those of you who want some resources to support you through your meditation journey, I've put together some of my favorite meditations, suggested reading, recommended meditation apps and lectures from from of my favorite teachers. Enjoy! 


First things first.... New to meditation and feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed with a splash of "wtf am I getting myself into?" --- START HERE

Suggested Reading: 
The Universe Has Your Back
The Power of Intention
You are a Badass
When Things Fall Apart
The Four Agreements
The Desire Map (this is more of a workbook, but it's awesome)
A Course in Miracles

Here are some guided meditations I love:
Manifesting Morning Meditation
528hz (sound frequency)


If you find yourself wanting to stay in ze mood when you're done with your meditation, here are some of my favorite leaders in the spiritual/self-development space to help you dive deeper into this work. Take your pick, you really can't go wrong (maybe even let your intuition guide you... eh, eh?).

Tara Brach
Dr Wayne Dyer
Marianne Williamson
Sara Avant Stover (for women)
Allen Watts 

Meditation apps:

Headspace (there is a nominal fee to use this app)

Insight timer (this is free)

Please add to this list in the comments section! I'm only scratching the surface so if you have more ideas, we'd love to hear them!