Baya Voce is Chief Strategy Officer of Secret Experiences, an experiential design firm that helps organizations create small moments and touch points with big impact. Baya has designed and overseen 20-person Jeffersonian-style dinners, elaborate 1,000+ person interactive theatrical productions (think “Sleep No More”), and everything in between. Baya has been featured by ABC, Fox, SXSW and more for her expertise on human connection, developed in her prior years as a successful matchmaker. Her TEDx talk titled “The Simple Cure for Loneliness” is one of the most-viewed TEDx talks of all time with nearly 4 million views.


Baya gave me invaluable insights on customer experience for Innovation Bootcamp, an elite technology event that I hosted at the Four Seasons in Malibu. Baya has a deep and nuanced understanding of the customer mindset and framed my event to meet our lofty goals. Her specific recommendations helped create a 5-star guest experience with only incremental costs. A massive ROI for my company and my customers!
— Navin Thukkaram, Angel Investor
Baya continues to blow me away. She delivers some of the best event experiences I have ever had.
— Joshua Jordison, Founder, The Human Gathering
I’ve done hundreds of events, booths, and activations over the years, and my favorites have one thing in common: Baya.

She has not only helped us engage a brand new audience, but has captivated returning customers in a brand new way. She has a beautiful ability to get into the mind of the customer and deliver the unexpected, which has given us a more connected community, elevated brand perception, and driven up sales more than I could have ever asked for.
— Brittany Shimmin, CEO, Vive Juicery
Baya’s experiences are absolutely captivating.
— Rachel Hofstetter, former editor Oprah Magazine, CMO Chatbooks
“Baya has a rare ability to listen with intuition, strategize with smarts, and give feedback with actionable advice. Her attention to detail while seeing the bigger vision makes her an invaluable member of your ‘success team’!
— Angela Jia Kim - Founder, Savor Schools & Om Aroma