You're here because you want better relationships.

Whether you're looking to find a partner, in a partnership that could use a little TLC, grieving a relationship, or in need of some good ole fashioned self-reflection, you're in the right place. 

It's my goal to support you in creating a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself and your partner so you can be a happier and more fulfilled you, whether you're in a relationship or not. 

The good news is, happier and more fulfilled is totally doable... as long as the "doing" is focused in the right direction.

*Cough*. The right direction is looking inward, at yourself. *Cough*. 

I figured I might as well drop some Baya Buddha on you right outa' the gate ;). 

"How do you know this, oh wise one?", you ask. Great question. 

Like all the wise sages, I learned by sitting in a zen center in Bali, spending 10 hours a day in a yoga and meditation practice...

JK, I wish. 


I was the queen of looking everywhere other than myself for the root of the problem (both inside and outside of relationships) and you better believe I went kicking and screaming into this work. While "the work" didn't include 10 hour meditation sessions with hot foreign men fanning me, it did include a life-changing fall and rise, a resurrection, into the most fulfilled and self-aware I had ever been. 

Example Numero Uno: Growing up I thought if I could be popular I wouldn't feel lonely and I would be fulfilled. When I was cast on MTV's The Real World, I was sure that "15 minutes of fame" would lead me to a lifelong journey of happiness.

*Spoiler Alert*. As it turns out, if you look for fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness on the outside (material things, validation from other people, money, your partners, etc.), you're in for some major disappointment... and if you're anything like me, you're in for a BIG breakdown.

Realizing that "fame" wasn't the answer did not come easily (insert said kicking and screaming here).

The good news is, if you breakdown, there's a breakthrough waiting on the other side and it was this rise and fall that propelled me into my work in connection


I teach people how to improve their relationships. I've spent the past decade studying relationships and human connection through Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Body Language. I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and have mentored under top intimacy and connection experts. I speak and lead workshops nationwide, recently gave a TEDx talk that went viral, and host "The Art of Connection", a weekly show partnered with abc4 exploring how to improve the relationships with ourselves and our partners.

When I'm not neck deep in relationship books and making sure my two cats don't kill all the birds, I'm on the hunt for my next favorite champagne

Baya has a rare ability to listen with intuition, strategize with smarts, and give feedback with actionable advice. Her attention to detail while seeing the bigger vision makes her an invaluable member of your “success team”!
— Angela Jia Kim - Founder, Savor Schools & Om Aroma

A little bit more... in case you're curious.

  • I crave huge love... like the kind Francis and Claire had on the first season of House of Cards.
  • I color code my bookshelf.
  • I love champagne... and freestyle rapping while drinking said champagne.
  • I recently spoke at TEDx... a milestone I've had on my vision board for who knows how long.