You're here because you want better relationships.

Whether you're looking to find a partner, in a partnership that could use a little TLC, grieving a relationship, or in need of some good ole fashioned self-reflection, you're in the right place. 

It's my goal to support you in creating a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself and your partner so you can be a happier and more fulfilled you, whether you're in a relationship or not. 

I've spent the past… almost decade now (where does the time go?!) teaching awesome people like you how to improve their relationships, most recently giving a TEDx talk titled "The Simple Cure for Loneliness," with more than two million views.

So how did I choose this particular path, you ask? Great question…

Like all the wise sages, I learned by sitting in a zen center in Bali, spending 10 hours a day in a yoga and meditation practice and winding down by being fanned by hot men in small shorts... or something like that. 

But, for real..
Once upon a time I was a cast member on MTV's The Real World. Being that that was one of the strangest experiences of my life up until that point, it got me super interested in relationships and human connection - namely why we do what we do, attract the people we attract, and end up in the relationships we end up in. So, I started studying Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Body Language, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I launched my career as a matchmaker and dating coach (featured on outlets like AskMen, Fox13, Daily Worth and more), and then moved into speaking and leading workshops throughout the U.S. I'm a regular correspondent on abc4 Utah where they've coined me as "Utah's Dating and Relationship Expert" (even though I consider myself a student more than anything). I also the host of "The Art of Connection", a weekly show in partnership with abc4 exploring how to improve relationships with ourselves and our partners.

When I'm not neck deep in relationship books and making sure my two cats don't kill all the birds, I'm on the hunt for my next favorite champagne

Baya has a rare ability to listen with intuition, strategize with smarts, and give feedback with actionable advice. Her attention to detail while seeing the bigger vision makes her an invaluable member of your “success team”!
— Angela Jia Kim - Founder, Savor Schools & Om Aroma

A little bit more... in case you're curious.

  • I crave huge love... like the kind Francis and Claire had on the first season of House of Cards.
  • I color code my bookshelf.
  • I love champagne... and freestyle rapping while drinking said champagne.